Since its inception in 2017, the Greatfulness program has been delivered to thousands of primary school students.  The Greatfulness program has been reviewed by BE YOU BEYOND BLUE and is also endorsed by the NSW Education Standards Authority.  

We offer a variety of programs, that have been designed to suit the PDHPE syllabus for Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 students.  All Greatfulness lessons have been mapped to Australian curriculum, with a focus on Personal and Social Capability.

Each session offers something new to support a student’s social and emotional learning.

Since 2017 Jacqui has been delivering wellbeing sessions for both staff and parents via face to face or online delivery.


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Toolbox for wellbeing (for teachers and/or parents)

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Mindfulness for busy lives

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Youth Mental Health- knowing the signs and symptoms

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Bag of Tricks- SEL strategies for the classroom

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Happy Daze Cards- How to use the Happy Daze cards in your classroom

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Self-care for Teachers (an online program that runs for 8 weeks)

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Staff Spirituality Days

“The students, staff and parents of our community have all benefited from the programs that Jacqui has brought to our school. All of Jacqui’s work and programs have helped our students to develop a variety of important life skills. These include being reflective, demonstrating empathy, being resilient, being grateful and being respectful towards self and others. Many parents have commented on the positive impact that these programs have had on their child/ren. Jacqui has also run numerous wellbeing sessions for our parents, providing them practical and useful strategies to support their children in building resilience. She has also facilitated many professional learning sessions (and days) for our staff. Jacqui establishes a great rapport with her audience, students, parents and staff and I would highly recommend her work.’

Daniel O’Brien, Assistant Principal, Blessed Sacrament Primary School, Clifton Gardens

“I was really impressed by you Jacqui, the openness of your own mental health battle and the work you are doing with all parts of the community is inspiring. We are so lucky to be part of a school community that values mental health of its students and that it is part of the education received. If only these types of programs were available when I was at school. It’s wonderful that we can talk openly about mental health and encourage those around us to do the same. I congratulate you for being such a passionate advocate for children’s well-being and thank you again for the session and the work you’re doing with our children.”


“Jacqueline is a parent who gets how busy life is and gives practical examples of how we can implement positive changes with our children, ourselves and our family to improve our mental health. I love that Jacqueline uses research to back up her practices. She has inspired me to look after my own mental health more and how to make small changes to be a better parent.”